Sunday, September 4, 2011

From Revennaras To Sindrannaras

Around March 2010, I decided to create a playlist of all the music I considered epic from my favorite CDs. This included my soundtracks from all the World of Warcraft games, some Halo music, and movie soundtracks such as Gladiator, Braveheart, Conan, and a few others. It wasn't a huge list, by any means. After I finished, I decided to go online and preview other soundtracks. It was then that I discovered epic music companies such as Two Steps From Hell, Immediate Music, Audiomachine, X-Ray Dog, Epic Score, and many others. Needless to say, my friends, I became instantly addicted to the music, and have been ever since. It is now a daily routine in my life to listen to it while I drive to work, while I'm at work, while I drive back home, and while I'm at home! My MP3 player stays with my cell phone at all times, ready to accompany me wherever I go.

I soon created a Youtube account so I could subscribe to my favorite epic channels, which included DragonstarDT, Epicstepsfromhell, Darklegacy, MusicHealsUrSoul, Stormwolf9, among many others. I made my first attempt at uploading a video in April of 2010 using Windows Movie Maker. I honestly knew absolutely nothing about video editing, different software, or even how to upload to Youtube. One of the best things about Youtube are all the tutorials that teach you almost anything you want to know. My first song I uploaded was Heaven And Earth by Two Steps From Hell, which to this day, still remains one of my all-time favorite songs. I had so much fun doing that, I ended up uploading about half a dozen more songs in the same fashion. It was then I decided to create my first Epic Music Mix Of Legend.

Who is Revennaras?

Revennaras was a fictional character I created for my book I began writing many, many years ago. The book was put on hold after my epic children came along, and is actually still on hold because of that. My kids are freakin' awesome, though, so no regrets there. Revennaras soon became my name for everything, including my first level 60 character in World of Warcraft. Undead Rogues FTW! In the book I was writing, Revennaras becomes corrupted by an ancient, sentient sword, which eventually takes away everything about him that was good and decent. As his identity changed, he adopted the name Sindrannaras.

I admit that a big inspiration of Revennaras came from the lore behind Arthas Menethil, the Lich King. I even own a limited time edition of Frostmourne, which hangs next to my computer at all times.

This is the lore behind the change, but what is the reason?

The reason for creating a completely new account is the result of a few things. First off, when I look back on my very first mixes created in Windows Movie Maker, I almost feel embarrassed by them. The audio, the cinematic clips, the mixing, and overall feel to them is not up to the standards which I now hold myself to. I'm certainly grateful for all the praise these earlier mixes have received, but there was always the need to improve them in the back of my mind. But that is definitely easier said that done. However, I’m committed to it now. Each of my mixes will be deleted and replaced with an updated version as they complete. Make sure to check out the new Epic Music Mix Of Legend, Majesty, and Darkness I.

Another reason for creating Sindrannaras is the fact that Revennaras has two strikes. I have seen many great Youtubers loose their accounts, having to start all over again, and I feel terrible for them. We are spreading great music to the world, and the people that listen will certainly be better off. Rather than wait for that to happen, I want to make my own fate and have the ability to let people know myself. My first strike came from Square Enix on my 8th mix of legend for using the Final Fantasy XIV cinematic. Some of you may remember the very first version of that mix--I actually uploaded it three times! My 2nd strike came from having a couple X-Ray Dog songs uploaded in their entirety. I want it known that I do not hold any grudges against Square Enix or X-Ray Dog for this. Since then, I have uploaded everything to a proxy account to make sure there isn't any weird copyright issues.

Everything about Sindrannaras is new. Lilu will be providing me with an amazing background once again, to which I'm extremely grateful. I'm using a new Avatar, a new font, new facebook, and of course a new blog (which I plan on updating much more frequently than the last one). While I enjoyed the new Conan movie, albeit not as much as I had hoped, I am more excited for Diablo III than anything, which is why I chose Tyrael as my new Avatar.

So let the epicness continue, my friends, as we all improve on our videos and increase our love for this epic music of legend!


  1. WOW! Yeah I know that copyright shit can be a bitch. Have you heard of they don't have all that copyright stuff there.

  2. I'll have to check it out. Thanks, buddy!

  3. Well, as much as I appreciate that you continue with your EPIC mixes, I'm also upset that you decided to delete the old ones. We all still like them no matter what and if nothing else they show how far you've got since you'd created the first mix.
    Let's say it more epic:
    Sindrannaras may bring us a new age of epic mixes but that doesn't mean Revennaras' era should be forgotten forever.
    And if you're 100% commited to delete them, I just want to ask if there's a way to share the old ones so I can keep them.
    Thanks :)

  4. Hey, buddy. Yes, I plan on replacing them all. However, if you do have an emotional tie to them, to which I'm certainly grateful, they can still be found on my Revennaras facebook page. Thanks!

  5. Too bad I don't use Facebook. But got an account so I can check it out.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Epic Series está contigo, hermano. Juntos evitaremos que lo épico desaparezca y crearemos el futuro más esperanzador que jamás nadie haya podido imaginar.

  7. Hi,

    I've been following you for a long time and have always admired your work. I was particularly happy to find out that you're a writer too! I would love to read whatever you've written (and no, I won't steal the ideas). In fact, I belong to an awesome online community of writers who share our passion for the written word. Message me (or drop a comment on one of my posts) if you're interested.

    Anyway, rock on with the epicness, my friend.

  8. Well, you learn things every day! I am pleased to know that you write too! Having had kids myself, Let me give you this bit of advice...pick the book up again and start writing. You would be surprised how much your every day life can influence your writing - even if it's just once sentence a day, you can still have that dream! You told me you wished you had started at a younger age... I do not know how old you are, but it's never too late to re-invent yourself! And lastly, you should never be ashamed of your earlier videos! They are better than you think they are! I think you are being too hard on yourself. Yes, the newer videos are stunning, but it was Revennaras that got you to this point. There are people out there that are still discovering you as Revennaras and will follow the videos to the quality point that they have evolved into. They too will be "wowed" by the videos everytime they find one of your gems! I'll let you in on a little secret, I have a hollywood camera man in my family and I think if he saw one of your videos, he would be very impressed with your editing skills. Keep at it, you're really talented at this!

  9. Amazing. I really love your work. Also, that book you mentioned sounds really interesting, I would love to read it when you publish it (unless its something private thats ok)

    1. I sure appreciate that, bud. Someday, if I ever finish it, I'll make sure to announce it all over the place ;)