Saturday, November 12, 2011

Epic Music Mix Of Revennaras

With the release of Epic Music Mix Of Legend V comes information about the final destiny of the remaining mixes on the Revennaras channel.

First off, Epic Music Mix Of Legend V was originally number XVIII. There are several reasons why I've jumped ahead to this mix. One reason is the fact that I was already very satisfied with the end result. The new version has kept the same audio. The audio could not have been given any better quality, and I feel the transitions on this one were solid, as is the overall epicness. Basically, I can still listen to it over and over again and simply enjoy it, rather than thinking, "I really wish I would have done this instead." or "Wow, that part is completely noobish." I feel the same way about the video editing. The quality in the new video is slightly better, mainly due to some techniques I've picked up along the way that enhance the image. I only made a few minor adjustments to the video portion, tweaking minor timing issues, the text, and some of the flames. I changed a couple pictures, as well. I also inserted a Sindrannaras signature on the corner. Sadly, my last mix was posted online without any credit given to me or the original video. The signature will be a standard thing now.

Jumping ahead to mix XVIII should hopefully be good news to my fans. I thought a lot about what to do in regards to this, and I think the path I'm going to take is an excellent one. I have decided to leave Epic Music Mix Of Legend X up on the Revennaras channel. That video was very well received, and still stands as a force for epicness. Many of my fans have pleaded with me to not remove it, so I'm pleased to say it will remain. It will be renamed the Epic Music Mix Of Revennaras.

In my opinion, it still is not as epic (not even close) to what I believe can be a true work of legend. The even greater revelation that comes from this decision is the fact that I will now be making a new best-of mix! The new Epic Music Mix Of Legend X will be the most carefully created video of mine to date, rivaling the vast epicness of all of its predecessors combined. My goal will be to make the video around 15 minutes (could be more or less, but not by much). I will continue to do a best-of mix for each mix type once I hit 10 mixes. I fear for my dreams once I get to Epic Music Mix Of Darkness X ;)

The old Revennaras numbers on my mixes might be a bit confusing to many, but my current plans are to release Epic Music Mix Of Legend XIX - World of Warcraft next, which will be Legend VI on Sindrannaras.
This mix is also one I'm very pleased with. The audio will not be altered, but the cinematics will be enhanced and changed a little. I tried an interesting technique with this mix in having multiple video layers going on at once. I like the overall feel of it, but I still think I can make it even better with the new mix. I plan on enhancing a few of the effects, and probably a couple of the pictures. This will mean I will have two mixes full of Warcraft cinematics. This was not intentional, but cannot be avoided at this point. When I originally made my first Two Steps From Hell mix, I used all of the Warcraft cinematics available. It was a good year later I decided to make a music mix comprised of the best Warcraft music, and you simply can't have a Warcraft mix without using Warcraft cinematics. It may be a bit much with the Warcraft cinematics, but the videos will be different enough to where they will both still be enjoyable. And Blizzard sure does know how to make a damn good cinematic! ;)

The Warcraft mix will be followed by my God of War mix, which is currently Epic Music Mix Of Legend XVII.
The audio will remain the same on this mix, but I plan on completely redoing the cinematics. I feel there is a big opportunity to make a vast improvement to that side of the mix. And let's face it: the God of War music deserves better than what it received.

That will be the final mix that doesn't require an audio adjustment. My Epic Score mix is good, but I think it will be a great opportunity to make it even better, especially with the three (woot, woot) new albums available. With all the new songs, it will easily allow me to craft a mix that rivals the old version, which is currently Epic Music Mix Of Legend XVI.

It almost feels like I'm going backwards here. . . Okay, so the rest of the mixes will all need to be completely redone except for three. I have altered the names of these mixes to Epic X-Ray Dog Music Mix, Epic Brand X Music Mix, and Epic Gregory Bakay Music Mix. These mixes will also remain on the Revennaras channel.

The X-Ray Dog mix was never one of my favorites, even though it is one of the more popular ones. The mix could definitely benefit from getting a redo, but I don't even have a desire to do it. It was something I created at the time because I thought it would be popular, not because I really wanted to make an X-Ray Dog mix. They do have a lot of great songs, but their style is a little on the heavy side for my tastes. I'm sure a few more of their songs will show up on future mixes, as well.

The 13th mix for Brand X Music was another mix I committed to finish after I started, which shouldn't have been. I think Brand X Music has some amazing songs, and I will certainly use those songs in my mixes. However, this mix of legend is, by far, my least favorite. I remember listening to every Brand X song over and over again, trying to squeeze out enough epicness to create at least 10 minutes of music. I had already used most of my favorite songs in previous mixes, so I was left with songs I consider to be mediocre. Please accept that as my opinion, for I know that mix contains some great songs, loved by many.

The Gregory Bakay mix, which was numbered as XV is as good as I wanted it to be. Gregory is a fantastic guy that contacted me and sent me the songs he wanted put together. I think it turned out great, and I think the cinematics turned out pretty good for it too. I'm sure I could redo the cinematics a little to make them even greater, but I just don't feel like this mix goes with what I'm doing on my new channel. I'm sure I will use these cinematics on the Sindrannaras channel, but they will be used for totally different mixes.

As for the remaining mixes on the Revennaras channel, I will be completely redoing them. I may actually just take all of the songs and put them into my epic music queue, where all the songs I think deserve to be in a mix go. Because of the time I've spent remastering a lot of my older mixes, this list has grown quite large. That is an extremely good thing, and I'm very excited to be able to unleash that epicness. I currently have a large queue for Majesty and Darkness songs, as well, so be expecting many more of those.

Speaking of Majesty mixes, I will be releasing my Thomas Bergersen Illusions mix very soon.
The music is amazing, and I'm very proud of the mix itself. I will make a few changes to the opening cinematic, however. The other mixes will get a complete redo, similar to the first three, which I'm immensely proud of. I listen to those mixes more and more lately, and I think that the Majesty songs have been very important to me in this stage of my life.

The completion of this remastering project will involve a lot of work, but I think it will ultimately be a very good thing for me, and for my fans. I'm very pleased with the results thus far. Once all of the mixes on the Revennaras channel have been remastered and transferred over, the Revennaras channel will be at about 90 videos. I think ending that chapter would be much more epic if that number was 100. I thought a lot about what I wanted to upload to get to that point, but I didn't want to upload just songs or videos that don't compare to my Sindrannaras ones. So, I have decided to honor many of the friends I've met online that share my desire to bring epicness into the world. I will be sending out personal invites for these, but if you would like to have one of your videos of epicness uploaded on the Revennaras channel, please message me and we can talk. I'm happy to welcome anyone to this opportunity. Please do not be offended if your video is not chosen, as I only have a few slots open.

And lastly, I will mention that the 100th video of Revennaras will be something special from me, another announcement for great epicness.

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