Thursday, June 28, 2012

Revennaras Mixes

Many of my great fans have been asking me about some of my older Revennaras Epic Mix videos. While I deleted the first few completely, I still have some available on my computer, and I decided to upload them to an alternate Youtube channel for those of you who want to see them again. I have also embedded them here for your convenience. My old Revennaras account actually made it all the way to 19 epic mixes before I decided to make the switch to Sindrannaras.

The main reason for deleting the older mixes was due to the new standard of quality I have dedicated myself to. I felt some of my beginning videos were not where I wanted them to be, so I began revising them. A full detailed explanation (for those of you that are interested) can be found here:

Some of the songs in these older mixes have not yet been used in a Sindrannaras mix, but I plan on using the majority of them in future mixes eventually.

I hope you enjoy some of my older work, my friends. While not as good as my newer stuff, I think there is still some epicness to be found in them.

Revennaras Music Mix 10. I spent so much time on this mix that I couldn’t delete it. I think it still has some great epicness to it, though, and I have left it on my Revennaras channel.

Revennaras Music Mix 16. This mix was left on my Revennaras channel because I felt it turned out pretty good, and I don’t plan on remaking it again.

Revennaras Music Mix 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. Some of these were all taken off of Youtube when I made the switch to Sindrannaras. A couple others I left on my old channel since I had no intention of re-mastering them.

Mix 14:

Mix 12:

Mix 11:

Mix 15:

Mix 13:

Revennaras Music Mix 6. X-Ray Dog gave me a strike on my Revennaras account for uploading a full version song, so I decided to not remake this mix on Sindrannaras. I respect their wishes, and currently do not have plans to upload their music in the future.

Lord Of The Rings Music Mix Of Legend. I may re-master this mix in the future someday. The LOTR music is still the best movie soundtrack of all time.

I want to thank all of my fans throughout the years. I have received so many wonderful compliments and good wishes. I look forward to creating more epic and majestic mixes in the future, and I hope you’ll be there to enjoy them with me for a long time to come.

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