Friday, September 30, 2011

Where can you buy Epic music?

Epicness comes in many forms. The most powerful, and the most inspiring, is in the form of music. Sadly, far too few even know epic music exists. Trailer music companies are gaining in popularity and numbers, but they are still very underappreciated. Many have heard some great songs on Youtube, but where can you actually buy the music? Where can you get the highest quality possible? Let me enlighten you, my friends. Let me bless your lives with epicness!

The best place to start looking for epic music is on Amazon. However, if you search for epic music, you will find very little. Let me save you the time and provide you with links to most epic music on the planet.

First, you must, must, must have the albums by Two Steps From Hell. Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix started the company back in 2006 and they have reigned as the supreme composers of epic music ever since. They have two albums available to the public. The first is called Invincible. Buy it here:

The 2nd, and equally epic, is Archangel. Buy this one here:

Thomas Bergersen, a music genius I'd rank as brilliant as Beethoven and Mozart, recently released one of the most beautiful, inspiring, and majestic albums ever. It is called Illusions. Buy it here:

If you're still standing after listening to the brilliance of Two Steps From Hell, your next albums of greatness to purchase would be from Immediate Music. This is where real epic music truly began. Sure there were trailer companies that had come before, but the epicness of the music really did transcend to a new level when they hit the scene back in 1993. There are two albums worthy of anyone's wallet. Trailer Head and Trailer Head Saga. Buy them both here:

Immediate Music became very popular with the fans, who clamored for them to release their music to the public. Thus in 2006 they launched their own band and called it Globus. The music from Globus is very unique, in that it has lyrics. They now have two albums, both of which are definitely worthy of your wallet as well. Check them out here:

The next album that must be owned by anyone who has ever said the words, "I like epic music" (let alone those who worship it like I do), is by Future World Music. Their best-of album that was recently released is brilliant. Some of the tracks are so majestic that I feel like I'm on a completely different plane of existence, one where my soul is soaring to greatness. Pick up this album here:

Although not yet released, it was just announced that Audiomachine will be coming out with a best-of album very soon. Hell yeah!

I have listed some amazing albums for you. But I'm just getting started on where to find the epic, my friends! The next company to check out is Epic Score. They have a whopping 8 albums available on Amazon for purchase. Each album has great songs in it, but I do think their music has vastly improved over the years. I won’t link all 8 albums, but here is their latest:

Equally as epic is Position music. They currently have 7 albums available for purchase now, as well. James Dooley and Jo Blankenburg are both fantastic composers. The most recent one by Jo Blankenburg is amazing, to say the least. Again, they are 7 albums, but here is my favorite one:

Position Music also has a great Youtube channel you can check out here:

Speaking of great Youtube channels from epic composers, I would highly recommend Erik Ekholm's channel Brickwall Audio. He has some fantastic albums, which have a unique epic style to them. Check out the music and his Youtube channel here:

Another fantastic trailer music company of note is West One Music. They have produced a huge amount of albums, but the ones you will find the most epic can be found here:

The links to epic continue, my good buddies. Another company that has been around for quite some time is E.S. Posthumus. Their music is fairly unique, and certainly has an epic flavor to it. They have three albums worthy of your money:

Here are a few more epic music albums you can buy, each containing lots of great epicness:

Ars Arcana:

Gothic Storm:

Kerry Muzzey:

Corner Stone Cues:

Gregory Bakay (another great guy):

KPM Music:

Music Junkies:

Trailer music isn't the only place to find epic music, my friends. Many great video games have some of the best epic music around. If you don't have the collector's edition of the game, it may be difficult to find the soundtracks. However, the legendary Blizzard has some of the most epic and amazing music around. Whether you like the games or not, the epicness of the music cannot be denied:

Many people ask me and my friends where we get the epic music we love to share on Youtube. Hopefully we can send those who ask to this blog post. I want to thank the wonderful composers of this great music for all the joy and emotion they bring into this world. I know my stress levels would be greatly increased without this music.

This list of epic music should keep you busy listening to greatness for a long time, buddies. For samples of this great music, be sure to check out my Youtube channel for fantastic mixes of legend:

There have been many epic music mixes around, some which are pretty good, and, unfortunately, others that are not. The ones that are lacking in epic are usually the ones with terrible music quality. Make sure to honor the composers, the fans, and yourself, and purchase the songs for the highest quality possible.

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